Lexus Hoverboard

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Lexus Hoverboard - Announce Trailer

Lexus released an announce trailer to promote the launch of it's 'real, rideable hoverboard'. The internet went crazy and instant comparisons to 'Back To The Future' were made.

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Lexus Hoverboard - Ross McGouran

Pro skater and hoverboarder Ross McGouran compares the magnetic levitation and frictionless movement of the Lexus Hoverboard to ‘floating on air.’

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Lexus Hoverboard - The Story

As the legendary Lexus Takumi craftsmen say “the difficult takes time; the impossible just takes a little longer”. Here's the documentary behind the creation of the Lexus Hoverboard.

Client: Lexus


Studio: Carbon

Two years in the making CHI&PARTNERS teamed up with Lexus on a journey to create the world’s first rideable hoverboard and make THAT scene in back to the future come to life. Development began in Texas before moving to Dresden in Germany where the process was refined. Magnetic levitation, or maglev, to achieve frictionless movement was the route of the boards levitation success.

Teamed with Liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and combined with a magnetic surface the Lexus Hoverboard was created. Final preparations were made across the globe before culminating in the launch that took place In Barcelona.