Blind Fighter

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Blind Fighter - Hitting Back

How can you fight if you can't see? Meet Lee Hoy, the blind fighter who won't let anything hold him back.

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Blind Fighter - Hard Knocks

Fighting blind puts Lee Hoy at an obvious disadvantage. But that all changes once he gets a hold of his opponent. The playing fields are leveled and his blindness becomes irrelevant.

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Blind Fighter - Fighting Blind

The challenge of fighting blind brings with it an overwhelming fear that must be overcome. Fighting is a state of mind, as well as body, and Lee won't let either stop him.

Client: iD Mobile, Carphone Warehouse


Studio: Carbon

“Blind fighter” is a three-part documentary about Lee Hoy, a 28-year-old man from South Shields who uses martial arts to overcome the anxiety and low confidence caused by his blindness.

Hoy describes how the sport has helped him rethink his relationship with fear and build his self-confidence and self-belief.