Whiplash Dreams – Peckhamplex Premiere!

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Not Whiplash but Whiplash Dreams!

Coming soon to the Peckhamplex, so top up your Oyster and get yourself down to the premiere on 26th November 2015 – 8pm.

You may be wondering why I’m featuring this on my site/blog but then again you might already know that I was part of the team behind bringing Jason Bavanandan’s vision alive. In mid-2013 Jason started a collaboration with my former employers Clearhead. A journey that began on the familiar platform of Kickstarter. Now late 2015 the project is ready to be released. The process of bringing a project like to life wasn’t an easy one but it is something I’m sure all parties are proud of.

Whiplash not only symbolises the biggest creative challenge we’ve all faced but equally the most rewarding. I myself can say it was one of the most demanding projects in my career to date. The edit lasted around six to eight months but if I’m honest it may have been more! when you’re in the zone of such a vast project everything merges into one over time. Embarking on my first feature edit was certainly a daunting experience but without a doubt one that I learnt a lot from. Now that the premiere is on the horizon it’s nice to see all the hard work pay off!

Below is a brief synopsis of the film and the details of its release, so book your tickets before it’s too late!

“Whiplash Dreams” will be the first cinematically-released album in history.

11147032_1024078527645071_974800032919324106_n1Against a soundtrack of 12 songs which narrate their final 12 months, a young couple move from Brighton to south-east London to save their dying relationship. But under London’s glare they now seem more at odds than ever…

As their closeness grows into coldness and their love into resentment, they find themselves estranged – a condition heightened in the potential anonymity of London. In their own secret ways, they betray each other and one night, after a violent fight, they separate.

Time apart gives them a clarity on life and the future beckons, yet their past still tugs at them. On the cusp of freedom could they make it on their own? Or will their fates become forever entwined in the old familiar scent of each other? As the year draws to an end, they must come to terms with the repercussions of who they were and what now remains…

“Whiplash Dreams” is a rites-of-passage tale of teenage love turned adult heartbreak; a tense, unflinching and provocative exploration of the carelessness of growing apart, and then finally of the courage and pursuit of freedom in the reaffirmation of one’s own identity.



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