Hi there! Welcome to Pearson Post Production. My name is Simon and I'm an offline & online film editor and this is my portfolio site.


KIA | Father & Son Road Trip

Why are drives remembered by their destination?


Team Sky | ‘Oh, what fun it is to ride!’

Geraint Thomas spreads some festive cheer on behalf of Team Sky!


Bop Street Records

The story of Dave Voorhees & Bop Street Records.


My Thoughts on | DaVinci Resolve Part 3

In April 2014 I wrote a blog outlining my progression and thoughts on DaVinci Resolve. Now I’m at a point with colour grading where I have broadened my knowledge and […]


Trying To Be A Hero | My GoPro Kitbag

Over the last couple of years I’ve been bitten by the ‘travel bug’ I’ve found myself traveling across the world with the ambition of hopefully seeing it all (one day) […]


Pink Wafers & Wisdom | DaVinci Resolve Part 2

A few months back I started using DaVinci Resolve, which was the final transition to my new post-production workflow having changed to the Adobe creative cloud. Having released my initial […]