Hi there! Welcome to Pearson Post Production. My name is Simon and I'm an offline & online film editor and this is my portfolio site.


Derelict Music | Bastardgeist

Latest Derelict session featuring ‘Bastardgeist’

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Showreel 2014!

A look back on my work from 2013.


Factory Films | Phantom Limb

A short doc about the couple behind ‘Phantom Limb’


Pink Wafers & Wisdom | DaVinci Resolve Part 2

A few months back I started using DaVinci Resolve, which was the final transition to my new post-production workflow having changed to the Adobe creative cloud. Having released my initial […]


Frame Rate Fail | ‘Interpret Footage’ In Premiere Pro CS6

Life as an editor is rarely a smooth existence. Sooner or later, footage will be captured incorrectly, imported wrong, or just needs modifying. There will be lots of times when […]


My Thoughts on | DaVinci Resolve Part 1

I won’t get too technical in this blog as i’m new to Resolve but be sure to keep a look out because I will write a more detailed post about […]